Dear readers,

in this goal oriented world it is hard to take time for yourself and enjoy the beauty in life. I wanted to introduce to you Relaxercise. I know it is not a real word but something I came up with (or someone might have come up with it before me) to describe the perfect combination of relaxation and exercise.

Morning walk and sprints 🙂

It feels like now a days exercise has to be measured by success, by how many kilos you can bench press, how many push ups you can do and how fast you run a 5K. I wanted to remind you what I think exercise is all about.

I am not denying that looking good is not a good motivator to put on your running shoes, but I am saying that it shouldn’t be the priority. If we don’t prioritize health we end up exhausting our bodies and become unsatisfied with the results of loosing 5 cm off hips or few kilos on the scale. We need to exercise to feel good and to be happy. It needs to be an action that brings us peace and calmness during our hectic days and keep us going for years to come.

Of course there are professionals and people who compete in different sports and I know that for them it’s not as simple as that but I would like those people too to have an exercise they love to do just for the fun of it, at least once a week.

Who needs the gym when you can have a blast on the waves?!

You call up a friend and ask them to go for a walk and their response is “Today is leg day, cannot” (I have heard this has happened to some people). My mind goes WT*? So your legs can’t bare walking if you have a leg day? What ever happened to playing outside, dancing in the rain, walking UP THE STAIRS to the second floor, bike rides (those of you know me, know I like my rides to be from place A to place B, lol)? I am a bit amazed that everyone keeps on talking about being healthy and being FIT. We consume this thought so much that we forget to feel healthy in our heads.

New pants to keep me motivated at the gym 🙂

People become irrational and think that eating Paleo and exercising with their PA will make their life have a meaning (for some people it does so don’t crucify me, I’m aware). But lets be honest, who wants to live for the rest of their life with no guilty pleasures, no lazy Sundays when you can just lay in your Pj’s the entire day and eat cupcakes, no days off when you can skip the gym (it is ok to buy new work out pants to get inspiration ;)) and go for a run and the walk then entire route instead. I think that moderation should be the new trend.

Had to stop take pictures of swans during my morning run 🙂

I know this post will make many people angry and I will be glad to hear your comments on the topic. I’d like to remind my readers that I too do go to the gym and Les Mills classes but I also cut myself some slack and have a day off and not feel guilty about it. I eat healthy but yesterday I stuffed 3 Easter eggs in a matter of hours and it’s OK. Don’t be too hard on yourself and remember to do things that make you feel good. All or nothing is not the answer in life.

I think it is important to keep up with your physical and mental state. Measure your success in health (since living healthy seems to be the new trend), go to the doctor and get checked up, have a massage, take a day off and stretch, try a new sport and most importantly know how you feel and forget the mirrors for one day. When did life become all about performing and not enjoying?

Last fall I had a health inspection where they checked everything possible. I talked to a shrink, I had my blood examined, I got weight and measured and the result is that I’m healthier than ever and that I should keep on doing whatever I’m doing. Well I am Relaxercising. Exercising and relaxing and enjoying life.

I challenge you to do the same!





Friendship, one of the most important things in the world. If it is not in your top 5 of priorities you need to rearrange your way of thinking.

Have you ever thought why it’s called friendSHIP? Ship, not a boat, not a life raft (even though they have saved your life countless times) not a canoe (that would be weird, Friendcanoe). I think friendship is a ship that sales through our life if it’s well built and if proper maintenance is annually done. It has life rafts to help us from sinking when were almost below the surface, it has entertainment to keep up dancing when bloom, it carries a load of people you bring to that ship and takes them for a ride no questions asked and returns them to the harbor safely, it can be docked at a port somewhere far away but when it comes back to home port it’s the same ship with just more nautical miles on it, it is what floats you through life.

Picture from Betta Design

 Learners Dictionary defines friendship as follows:

: the state of being friends : the relationship between friends [count] ▪ They have a long-standing friendship. [=they have been friends for a long time] ▪ They struck up a friendship. [=they became friends] ▪ She formed many lasting friendships [=she made and kept many friends] during her time in college. ▪ a friendship between two countries [noncount] ▪ They have enjoyed many years of friendship.

I define my friendships just simply one of the most important things in my life. I could not live without my friends ❤ Last Saturday we arranged a get together with friends from my hometown Joensuu. I have known these girls since I was in third grade and it is rare to have us all at the same place at the same time. You know, growing up brings all these stupid responsibilities and such that limit the amount of time we have for pleasure 😉

Joensuu crew!

Most of us have different type of friends. It doesn’t make anyone less of an important but friendships tend to form by mutual interest and lets be honest we cannot all like the same things. Therefore we find friends that are interested in different things. You have friends that have been there since you were 5 years old and there are friends that you’ve known for months. You have friends you call every week and you have friends you talk once a year.

There are the ones who travel across the Atlantic to be with each other once a year, if lucky…

Love you Emily ❤

There are the ones you meet on the other side of the world and go crazy with…

Raya Divers crew I miss you!

There are the ones you work with… and go crazy…

I know it’s a horrible picture sorry 😀

They are the ones you meet trough a special someone and hope to be friends with too…

Friend of a boyfriend but a friend of mine now too 🙂

There are the friends who know where the party is at…

B-day party!

There are the ones who are related to you…


They are the ones who gave birth to you and will always be there for you…


The ones who are absolutely crazy but you have amazing time with and would not change for the world…

There are the ones who took you in when moving in to a new city…

There are the ones you’ve lived with…

and shared a bathroom with….

Roomies 🙂

The friends you go to school with… or went to school with…

The ones that became your family…

The ones who live farther away but don’t forget you…

And the ones “till death to us part”… (witty me quoted the bible…or is it in the bible? lol)


And this picture show could go on forever… not to brag that I have zillion friends but to remind myself  of the beautiful, intelligent, lovable people I have in my life. And to remind them they are not forgotten.

I know my life wouldn’t be as amazing as it is if it weren’t for my friends. I don’t think valentines day is the only day to remember your friends but you need to remind yourself everyday of how fortunate you are. Nothing is to be taken for granted.

What do you think is the most important in friendship? I think it is simply and purely appreciation for one another ❤

I love you all my dear friends! And if you didn’t find your own picture in the collage it’s because you look ridiculous  in all my pictures, lol, no joke, and I love you way too much to embarrass you in public. The ones I did embarrass in public I am very sorry 🙂

Today, remember your friends, and heck give them a call to let them know you love them! This is my shout to all my friends, I LOVE YOU!


Text by SaanaKristiina

Feeling fabulous at FAB.

I have had my trusted hairdresser for a few years now and recently she changed her workplace. She currently is an entrepreneur at FAB and not only did my roots need to be colored but I had to see the new salon she worked at.


FAB is located at Fabianinkatu 5 and had been serving it’s customers since 1999. The location is beautiful and inside the mirrors and lighting give you a feel of fabulous and glamour.

My hair dresser Anni has had to go through my continuous  mood swings “I want to be blonde- I want to be brunette”. Now, for 2 years I have been sticking to being blond(er).


No need to say that it had been a while since my last visit. The ends are cracking and the color has turned its glamour to grey highway.

Anni decided the best way to go is to have tons of low lights to brighten the color to a natural and sophisticated blond.

While the color was in effect it was time to enjoy a cup of mocha and KISS KISS-candies ❤ Omg, is there anything better that a walk on memory lane with a classic Fazer candy that we all loved when we were kids?!

KissKiss and a mocha.

After a cup of mocha I enjoyed a relaxing wash and a head massage. I love how Anni spends a good time relaxing your scalp and making the wash up a pleasant experience.

Chop chop off you go dry roots!

The dry ends came off and since I was heading off to a vacation the next day I got pampered with a travel size UV spray from BC. Lovely and what great service to fulfill customer needs.

My ends tend to be stubborn, twist and turn the way they please so week took advantage of that and curled my ends beautifully and naturally looking.

The end result as always was stunning!!!!

All finished!

Is there anything that a girl can feel better about than a beauty treatment of any sort? I know whenever I have a massage or a facial or go to the hair salon I feel 100 times better. When visiting Anni, 200 times better. Thank You again for making me FABulous 🙂

If you want to feel FABulous by Anni Liukkonen click here.

Anni has also done updo’s for few of my friends for their wedding day and other special occasions. I can highly recommend her and if needed she will come on site to do the bride and the bridesmaids as well 🙂 Do not hesitate to contact her.

Until next time…


Text by SaanaKristiina

Pictures by SaanaKristiina



TBT- Throw back Thailand

It’s throw back Thursday and I wanted  to tell you my experiences about Thailand.


I traveled to Thailand last November to do my work placement for school. I got an intern position at Raya Divers in Phuket, Thailand, and a journey of a lifetime begun. I spent 5 months doing my work placement and stayed in Thailand for an extra month to travel. 

I wanted to share my top 5 of Phuket with you.

1. Surf House Phuket

I have to say that this place in Phuket I miss the most. I miss it all the time and wish I was there to ride one more time. Raya Divers staff were privileged to ride the wave lock every morning for an hour and sure we did. When ever we had an hour off in the morning a group of scooters took off from Chalong circle and headed to Kata Beach.

Not only is it a great sport it’s an amazing community where people smile and enjoy life. Amazing bartenders create exotic cocktails and the chefs create the perfect surf and turf for you after worn out by the waves. It’s a MUST TRY for Phuket travelers and if i were to travel to Khao Lak it is most definitely worth a two hour drive down to Kata Beach.

Surf Crew at Rimmas going away party.

If you are interested to try this amazing sport in Finland click Here.

Every friday ladies surf for free. Flow lovers will do anything to get on the game 🙂

2. Raya Yai

This actually isn’t a place in Phuket but definitely worth a visit if you are staying in Phuket. You can catch a speedboat and only a 30 minute ride away lies beauty.

Clear blue waters at Raya Yai.

You can rent a bungalow from the Island and spend the night. Be prepared and bring a flash light since most of the Island is not electricity supported. Local restaurants and bars serve cocktails and fresh fish at sunset.

One of the main reasons for travelers to visit the island is it’s beautiful waters. Snorkeling and Scuba diving is accessible straight from the beaches or by long tail boat that will take only few minutes to find close by reefs.

Love Raya Yai and diving!

The Island use to produce coconuts and still most of the Island is covered in Palm trees. The locals still get coconut for their own needs from the plantations.

Palm trees

Also when visiting the island, be prepared to meet wild life. Water buffalo or a Varanid Lizard might spook you at first but not to be scared. Just admire them from a close distance and enjoy the beauty of nature. All the animals in the Island are safe and will not harm you unless you attack them, this includes the marine life, which should always let be untouched and just enjoyed from a distance.

Wild life on the island.

3. Big Buddha

To see the whole beauty of Phuket one must visit The Big Buddha. The Big Buddha is a local land mark and an attraction for the tourist and the devout Buddhist to visit.

The Big Buddha!

Visitors can leave donations that will we put towards finishing the construction. You can meet a monk that will give you a blessing and for protection you will receive a hand made ribbon. The ribbon is said to protect you and it the ribbon falls off on its own, not cut or taken off, it will protect you for the rest of your life. The monk also gives you a blessing that will be fullfilled, happiness, joy, health or whatever he thinks you need to be protected in life.

Enjoying the sunset at Big Buddha.

The Big Buddha is best visited before sunset so you get to see Phuket in day light and enjoy the beautiful sunset. Don’t take a local TukTuk but instead a taxi or a motorbike to visit the Big Buddha. The TukTuks will need to pushed up since they only have small engines and will not be able to get you all the way up on top of the steep mountain.

The temple areas at the Big Buddha are holy so remember to cover your shoulders and knees with a scarf or proper attire.

When leaving the Big Buddha remember to buy a little bell, write down a little prayer and hang it in one of the trees around the Buddha statue. The wind will make beautiful music with the bells and your prayers will be sent off.

4. Mai Khao Beach

The most beautiful beach in Phuket in my opinion is Mai Khao Beach. It is located on the north-west of the island and stretches over 11 km long. The lower end of the beach is close to the Phuket Airport and therefore it is possible to lay on the beach and have planes fly over you only tens of meters above.

The beach is not suitable for snorkeling like other beaches in Phuket simply because there is not much to see. The ties and rough weather during the low season makes it difficult for coral or other marine life to survive. The beach is perfect for tanning and swimming.

plenty of space to lye in.

The beauty of the beach makes you dance of joy.

5. Bangla Road

Last but not least… there is place in Phuket that one cannot miss if visiting Phuket. It is the famous Bangla Road. A street that come to life after sunset. Numerous bars, clubs, discos, restaurants and private clubs open their doors and turn on their bright colorful lights, turn the music high and attract tourists of all ages to party.

Many offer Ping Pong shows (google if you don’t know it and want to, not going to explain it here), dancers of various nationalities and others are just for dancing and having a good time.

For me Bangla was a breath of fresh air after a long work week and a chance to have fun with friends. Go and check it out, at least for once, you never need to go back…. but you might want to 🙂

XOXO- visit Phuket

What is your favorite place in Phuket??

Text by Saana Tolonen

Pictures by Saana Tolonen and Rimma Dzybenko

Valhalla- only for the brave and courageous

I wanted to tell you a story I have been working with for a little while. A mythology that captures and fascinates. Valhalla.

Valhalla is known in the Scandinavian mythology as the great hall of God Odin. Odin is associated with war, battle, victory and death. He also has many sons, Thor the God of Thunder being the most famous one.

Odin possess beautiful maidens called Valkyrian. Valkyries ride over battlefields to collect the souls of brave dead soldiers and bring them to Valhalla. The soul of a dead solder is called Einherjar. Einherjars are brought to Valhalla, a hall with many doors and golden ceiling decor. It is said that 800 Einherjars can march through one door in a row to fight in battles for the great Odin.

In Valhalla the brave soldiers chosen by Valkyries enjoy war battles in the morning and at night they feast till dawn. It it the place a soldier wants to go after death. Only half of the soldiers died in battles are chosen to Valhalla. The other half goes to Folkvangr.

Folkvangr is rules by  Goddess Freya. It is told that Goddess Freya appears as a Valkyrie in the battlefields and takes half of the soldiers to Folkvangr. The mythology describes Freyas hall alike to Valhalla only ruled by a Goddess. It is still a mystery why Valhalla and Folkvangr are both places of pleasure and content.

How come all this fascinated me? I am a Valkyrie, only by night though 😉

Last summer a Finnish spirit company Altia launched a new product called Valhalla. A bitter sweet herb shot from Koskenkorva.

I on the other hand transform myself to Valkyrie every now and then.


A Valkyrie

I work for a promotion agency so when ever new products are launched or old ones are promoted it is my job to get on the field and sell it to the people.

For Koskenkorva Valhalla a Finnish designer produced these beautiful outfits to capture the spirit of the Valkyries. What do you think? I myself quite like the outfits, they are powerful yet fascinating. High heels give us an extra 10 centimeters in height so Valkyries possess the spirit of elegant, mysterious and powerful character.

Valhalla herb shot has three main herbs that the flavors are build around. Most of these herbs were used by soldiers like the Vikings to heal their wounds after battle. It has a hint of licorice and is dark in color. The best way is to try it yourself.


Valhalla has the best combination of healing powers to keep the germs away during the cold season. The powerful herbs and the the 35% in alcohol kick in soft and open your sinuses if feeling sick. It is perfect when served at a cold weather wrapped under a blanket in front of a fireplace. It is soft and bittersweet in flavor so it suits for a night out as well. it freshens your breath and gives you energy to keep going the entire night. Try it and you will be amazed.

A shot to keep the germs away.

A shot to keep the germs away.

Next Valhalla promotions can be found at the following places; Amarillo Pirulliset Bileet tour 2014 (next party 14 february @Amarillo Oulu, 15 February @Amarillo Rovaniemi)

Koskenkorva Valhalla can be found in Alko stores in Finland and at tax free zones. Ask more from your local tax free distributor.

Try it, and let me know what you think 😉


A place of tranquility.

What is your place of tranquility?

For some people it’s a place for some it’s a state of mind. For me it can be both. To get to a place of tranquility you sometimes need special arrangement. For me being relaxed is all about feeling good, exercising and spending time with loved ones but today it was a totally different story.

The past few weeks have been extremely hectic with school starting and working late on the weekends. I decided it was time to go to a place of tranquility.


Where to go to relax?!

For my birthday I got a present from my friends that I could only wish for: a My Beauty Day gift card to Helsinki Day Spa. 3 hours of pure pampering.

Thank you my amazing friends!

Thank you my amazing friends!

Helsinki Day Spa is located in the center of Helsinki in a beautiful building from 1882. It is one of the largest spas in Finland with 11 treatment rooms as well as a Spa Shop where you can find quality beauty products and professionals who will gladly help you choose the right products.

When arriving to Helsinki Day Spa I got greeted with a warm smile and inviting atmosphere. I was guided to the second floor from the down stairs Spa Shop and peace awaited me.


Entrance to relaxation!

A staff member was waiting for me upstairs with a neat package that had a robe, slippers and disposable underwear for me to change into. Let me remind you that I had 180 minutes of body and facial treatments ahead of me so proper attire was required.


Ready to to go!

Now that I was in the right outfit it was time to get into the mood. In the Spa Lounge you wait to be called in and enjoy compliments of the house. Cleansing tea, water and a variety of healthy snack will definitely kick the cleansing in your body and mind.


Tea, water, cashew nuts, almonds, dates, plums and much more to snack on.        

After you have picked your favorite snacks and drinks you kick back and wait for you to be called in.


The first part of my Beauty Day treatment was body treatment of 90 minutes. First my entire body was body scrubbed, then massaged with body mask which was then left on for 15 minutes for moisture and smoother skin. While the mask (and I) were resting I was pampered with a scalp massage. Oh boy was that god. Thank you to professional Anni who knew exactly what she was doing.

After the body mask was washed off a massage followed with moisturizing and relaxing lotions. After my entire body was massaged, including my abdomen, it was time to pamper my face.

Face mask in effect!

Face mask in effect!

The facial was custom made to my needs and I chose to have it cleansed with ultrasound followed by moisturizing massage. Again, thank you to my great beauty specialist Anni who did a great job recommending treatments for my skin type. After peeling, cleansing, moisturizing and massage I was offered to have my eyebrows waxed and colored. Why not? What great customer service I must say. I didn’t even know that shaping and coloring brows was included in the package.

I also got great advice on how to maintain glow in my skin and what routines to have at home  to maintain healthy good looking skin. Products that we used in our treatments were all listed for future reference, what worked what didn’t. I was left relaxed and satisfied. What an AMAZING 3 hours!


Champagne after the treatments.

And when I thought it was all over I was handed a glass of sparkling and guided into the Spa Lounge to relax for few more minutes ❤ Perfection!

What is your best spa experience? Have you ever visited Helsinki Day spa? Highly recommend 🙂


SaanaKristiina, THE blog!

I bet my host mom in America is laughing when she reads this and sees the title of my blog.

Let me explain you where the name for this blog comes from. Obviously it’s my first and second name but more so its a memory that will amuse me for the rest of my life. When I was doing my exchange year in Michigan my host parents had a way of letting us kids know we were in trouble…

Thank god we just got called by two names instead of this.

Thank god we just got called by two names instead of this.

When ever you had done something you were not supposed to or had not done what you were supposed to we got called by our first and second name. Not only were we called by our both given names but the tone in the voice calling SAANAKRISTIINA (knowing i had done something wrong) made shivers go through our spines. It was both scary and hilarious. We did have a laugh when talking about it later but when those two names were called it meant serious business. Now that were all older it is more of a joke we like to say to each other as an emphasis when sharing opinions. When we make a stupid joke or so something dumb in general we always call each other by our both given names. I though, what could more describe my life than incidents that require a good laugh or serious name calling.

A brick on a walk way caught my attention.

A brick on a walk way caught my attention.

There is the story for the name of the blog. But what is this blog about. I like to read blogs with a certain focus but more so I like to read blogs that cover many areas of life. So I decided to have my blog about current topics. Whether it about the weather or the hottest new club in town, I will be on it. I try to give you tips for travelling and share parts of my life for judgement or compliments. Suit yourself 🙂

My motto for life is; LAUGH like you’ve gone lunatic, LOVE like thunder and LIVE like there’s no tomorrow!

If you have topics you would like me to write on please comment and share your ideas. All comments are welcome. Hope you enjoy reading SaanaKristiina!


Love life <3